My Fortnightly Column Doesn't Show in App

Gidday All,
I have a data table set up and the fortnightly column does not show in the app.

The data was originally imported from my computer in an excel file.
I deleted a column and subsequently had to reinsert the column which I did manually, then did the computations using the maths feature and also the roll up feature.

However, for the life of me I cannot get the column to show in the app (or even on the preview screen).

At one brief stage the fortnightly amounts did show in blue (when I had the layout in list view) above it item in the row. However this somehow disappeared.

I have managed to have the fortnightly row up to show on the top of the screen by using the group option…

My issue is that in the edit screen on the app only the monthly and weekly amounts show for each row item. And, for the life of me I cannot get it to show all three amounts. Not to mention, I cannot see the specific amount allocated to each item row in the fortnightly column. (Can only see the Fortnightly Roll Up Total)

I’ve checked the role dependanicies and nothing is contained in this. I’ve checked the actual roles. I’ve tried adding a visibility filter to show if table not empty - no joy.

I tried the online chat bot however couldn’t get any joy there. The guides and videos - honestly they need to be catagorised more clearly for a new user. Maybe a trouble shooting guide on simple steps like this obviously will turn out to be could be included that can become a very quick reference guide. I’ve spent literally all night (and it is now 6am Aussie time) trying to sort this one specific issue.

Please help. And if possible give a step by step response, so I can follow it.

Many thanks in advance

This sounds wrong. Can you show us some screenshots on how you’re setting up the relevant components, and how does that column show up in the data view?

Is that fortnightly column a computed column (math/rollup) or a basic column?

This smells very much like a Luxon/Date Formatting issue.
As Thinh suggested, if you can show/explain how you compute the fortnight values, we can probably help.

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Hi ThinhDinh,
Many thanks for your response. I think I was trying to get the computed column which I used Maths, monthly / 2 for the fortnightly calc column to show. As I literally tore my hair out all night. What I ended up doing was deleting the whole app and completely restarted again, including re-uploading the Excel file (from my computer).

This has partly solved the issue. I can now get all three + the annual total column to show in the app for each row.

However, the issue I now have is unless I manually change the figures in the actual data form, the calculations do not change if I use my mobile to edit the specific row item.

This I think is the app is showing the orignal 4 columns uploaded from the spreadsheet i.e. monthly, fortnightly, weekly, annual rather than the computed columns so that the #s change dynamically when updating the relevant information via the mobile is updated.

This is what it now shows in the app when I updated the monthly # in the relevant row:

Not to mention the Grand Totals row, I cannot get the monthly total to show.

I think this is because in the other 3 rows I have manually included the fortnightly, weekly, and annnual totals and this did not affect roll up calculations. However if I include the monthly total in the month column, it doubles everything in the roll up column.

Because of this, I’m unable to show the monthly totals in the Grand Total Screen

This is because I have had to leave this field empty

In Conclusion
Thank you heaps in advance for not only reading this very long reply but also reviewing the snapshots I’ve attached.

I greatly appreciate any and all help that you can provide.

Many thanks,
Talk to you soon,

Hi Darren
Many thanks for your respone. Very greatly appreciated.

What is Luxon/Date Formatting issue please? I don’t have any dates in the actual data sheet.

I’ve responded with screenshots that Thinh requested. So you both can gain a clearer Idea of what I have been doing. And the current issues I’m having.

Many thanks in Advance.

Your help is greatly appreciated.

Many thanks,
Talk to you soon,