My First App - Library of your digital and physical books

Hello all, the goal of this was to try and solve a problem I’m facing and to create an app using no-code tools.

I had several physical books before I own a Kindle, but I still see myself buying physical books every now and then. Ultimately, whenever I want to buy new books, I had to check if I already have them physically or digitally.

This app, myBooks, keeps and tracks your list of books, in both paper or digital versions.

Any feedback or suggestion is appreciated!


Is that the correct link? It returns a 404 for me.

I’m able to access the link, let me check my privacy settings :neutral_face:

I updated my link, could you try again?

Still the same, it seems.

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HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 404 Not Found

ah, I see you changed it. Works now :+1:

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That’s a good start. Here are a couple of suggestions that might improve your app and encourage further learning:

  • Think about how you might categorise your books. Fiction vs non-fiction, etc
  • Maybe include a cover image of the book to use in the details view
  • Include a link to external reviews of each book
  • As well as the title, include a brief precise of the book for use in the details view

Thanks for your suggestions! Will definitely look into those :slightly_smiling_face:

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Sorry unsure whether by intention but your template is set to copy, meaning anyone can copy it. If the intention was to share app with others, not let others copy it, you can reverse the process on your dashboard by accessing settings.

Just turned that off, thanks for the heads up!

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