Digital recipe book maker

It’s always been a pet peeve of mine that i like to get my recipes online but dislike scrolling through blogs and recipe sites on my phone when trying to cook.

I created an app that creates and ebook of recipes you select from a database, which you can download as a pdf to easily print or view on a tablet or ereader in an easy to read format.

Currently only 50 recipes to choose from in this proof of concept. Each ebook is automatically marked as paid on creation for now, which is why you’ll see a message thanking you for your purchase.

Give it a go and let me know what breaks!


This looks good!

What are you using to create the PDF? PDFmonkey + Zapier?

Thanks @SantiagoPerez!
I’m using the Google Apps API which runs off the Google Sheet that Glide uses. The back end is not a no-code approach!

Oh I see!

I really like the idea. Good job!

Wow…great this is really good…I am trying to create & download functionality, but have not been successful on it… is it possible to share how you created the pdf download functionality…

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geez, those recipes look delicious!
Making my mouth water…

p.s. there is only one ‘h’ in sandwiches :wink:

Really nice concept! One thing I would add in each details for recipes is an inline list of related recipes for easier navigation.

:clap: nice concept. I gave it a ‘whirl’ and successfully created and downloaded a book.

Funny enough I was gonna try making a pdf using Integromat

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Thank you for everyone who has tried it and given feedback! There was only one issue generating a preview of the book cover for someone, so I’ll dig in to find the issue.

I’m not using PDFMonkey or anything. Everything is through Google Apps Script. Each book is essentially a Google Slides document that gets customized and then a pdf is generated from that. The link to it is then added to the Google Sheet that Glide uses, as well as a preview of the book cover. I hope this answers the questions relating to that. Do let me know if I need to clear it up further.


This is really inspiring Yann, thanks for sharing!

This is great. Love the idea.

Few questions/comments

  1. I see that after I create a book the recipes are still marked as selected, will it go away once the book ready so potentially if I like I can use the same receipe in few books?
  2. I would add an image carousel in the recipe to present it more
  3. Consider adding email notification when the nook is ready as I don’t believe no one will wait 5-10 min. For the link to appear.
  4. Consider sending the link in mail maybe

I think this is very cool and could be quiet a success

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Thanks @yinon_raviv for the compliments and feedback. Happy to answer questions.

  1. Currently, your list of selected recipes do not reset after you create the book. I wanted a global reset button, but I don’t think this is possible without user-specific increments, which I understand was been a requested feature by the community. I need to look into whether the new compound actions would achieve this as I think this is much needed functionality and my app!
  2. I’m not sure what you mean by image carousel?
  3. Email notification is definitely on the road map! I agree the wait is a bit of a bummer and a good portion of that wait is in the delay that elapses for Glide to sync w/ the Google Sheet.
  4. As with number 2, on the roadmap, I can even include it as an attachment!

Thanks again!

This app (and process behind it) is awesome!

Some feedback:

  • I think you can really benefit from the new Actions: specifically, when a recipe is added to a cookbook, if the screen automatically goes back to the list of recipes, it would be a super smooth experience); another one could be to clear the selections after the book is created (mentioned it above too).

  • I think the layout of the Pick screen could be improved too so that you make use of an action to add the recipe directly to the Review tab without having to open it (this makes my first point useless haha) — the recipe page itself doesn’t have a lot of info on it, so maybe using a Tile or Card layout with more info, tied to an Action (where the Tag gets changed to “added” or something like that) would give an even better UI.

Also, my PDF just finished and wow… the finished product is stunning. Very nicely done!

  1. gallery. so the user can see few options of the recipe.

another thought i had is to add the ability to add recipes I like and create a booj out of them, that way you extend the variaty of potential customers. for example, my mom is a great coock so i could make her a present of photoying her dishes and creating the recipe and get my mom a beautiful thoughful present.

BTW, the process of the recipe selection is based on increment or add row action?

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This is a great feedback! I’ll admit I haven’t looked at Actions yet and that’s a great use case.
I’m debating whether or not to put more information, like the ingredients in the details screen. I’m sure I’ll end up trying a few things!

Thanks for the clarification.

The recipe selection is an increment, then a string is concatenated with all the recipe IDs seperated by commas, which is then passed to the google sheet. I decompose the string in the backend in Google Apps Script.

Very nice app, congratulations

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