My app will generate too much data


I’m new here and I’m making an app, and it’s going really well!
It’s a guidebook for climbers, where you can see all the different areas, see the locations on the map, open the area to see all the routes and then log all of your routes. You can also rate the routes and leave a comment so that others will now if it is a good route, if it’s hard or easy for the grade. I’ve also made a profile page where you can see badges you’ve earned, the hardest thing you’ve climbed and many other bits of information about your climbing.
So it’s all going swimmingly. However, I’ve realised that this app will quickly create too many rows for glide. The number of routes will be around 3000, meaning 3000 rows. I imagine it will have around 3000 users, which will mean that if each user logs 10 routes, I will quickly run out of space.
Can anyone think of a way around this? Maybe some of the more technical people out there that now about API’s…is there a way to store the logged ascents in an api rather than on a google sheet and then pull that information back?

Thanks for your time! :slight_smile:

Just my two cents, if you store them somewhere else but still need to display them inside the app then it will still cost rows to do so.

Yeah you’re right. It looks like I may need to make the app another way if it’s going to take up all that space anyway.
That’s a shame, I was really enjoying using glide, it is really fun and easy to use!