Multiple Sorts with Date

So I know I can sort by multiple fields by creating an extra column that concatenates the values. But when one of the fields i want to sort by is a Date, it seems to ignore the data?

Is there a limit to the length of the sort column?

Ignored where? In Glide or in the spreadsheet? If in the spreadsheet, maybe if you share a sanitized copy of it someone could take a look at it and give you some guidance.

How is your date formatted in your extra column? Only YYYYMMDD is going to work properly. I think it’s Text(%date%, YYYYMMDD) You also need to pad spaces so each column, concated together, has a consistent width.


Thank you Jeff! I did not realize that all the data had to be padded to the same length. This is the formula I ended up with, I also was replacing spaces with “-” to see if that was the issue, but will leave that in the code as well:

=arrayformula(if(len(A2:A) > 0,text(C2:C,“yyyymmdd”)&substitute(A2:A," “,”-")&rept("-",max(len(A2:A))-len(A2:A))&SUBSTITUTE(B2:B," “,”-")&rept("-",max(len(B2:B))-len(B2:B)),""))

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