Criteria to sort data exactly the same

Hi! I want to sort the table according a date field. But many rows have the same date, exactly the same date (and time).
Does anyone know which criteria or method uses Glide to sort after?

I appreciate your support!

What’s your second criteria for sorting? Do you know which column you want to use for that secondary sorting?

I would like to know which second criteria uses Glide to sort in case the first criteria is exactly the same? Second criteria could be a Company name in a text field.

By default it’s probably going to sort by table order after sorting by date. If you want to sort by Date and Company, I would create template column that contains both. But since this will convert the whole thing into text, your date will need to be in a format that can be sorted alphanumericly instead of by date.

First you’ll need a math column to convert the date into a number, like this:

+ Month(Date)*10^8
+ Day(Date)*10^6
+ Hour(Date)*10^4
+ Minute(Date)*10^2
+ Second(Date)

Then create a template column that joins the math column and the company column together. Then you can sort by the template column.


Thank you @Jeff_Hager.

I appreciate your help. :ok_hand:

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