Multiple row owner

Hi, how to set multiply row owner, is there any template here Glide • Apps Templates with the example? Explanation written on Row Owners doesn’t works

What is your data source? (Glide Tables, Google Sheets, AirTable?)

Can you give an example of a table (screen shot) that you want to apply multiple row owners to?

Just in general, you should set the row owner values when new records are added/created. But there can be different ways to do that, depending on the specific use case.


I have question based on this,I’m having email row owner but i have a phone number,i need to protect this also,can i make it as row owner on the same table.

May be address too i need to protect on the same table.


  1. Whether i need to create row owner seperately on this fields


  1. Else the row owner applied to email is enough to protect the table.

If you have an email as row owner, then all columns in the table are protected.

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Am working on Checklist Cleaning Template Glide • Cleaning Checklist Template I want to add multiple row owners to let another user to create new tasks and to see which tasks are done.


I will assume that user 1 will always be the email address of the user that created the task, yes?

For user 2, will that always be the same user, or should user 1 choose from a list?


  • will you be using a paid or free plan?
  • will you have row owners configured in your User Profiles table?
  • will you be using Roles?

It’s important to answer the above questions first, as the answers may limit your options.

App is for the kids. Both kids nad parents can add tasks to kid’s list of tasks. Kids can let join mother or father to his/her list let them add something or block them. Kids can not see their lists.

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Okay, that is clear.

So kids can add their parents?
And kids can also block their parents?
Or parents can block their kids?
What does “blocked” actually mean?

  • if blocked, cannot access the App?
  • if blocked, cannot see any tasks?
  • if blocked, cannot see a particular task?
  • something else?

So kids can add tasks, but they can’t see them?

I meant kid can invite parent or someone else to add/remove the task. Also kid can block access for parent/another person. To block someone means someone can not access any more. Kids for example brother/sister can not see each other list within the family.