Multiple items selection

Hello everyone,

I have a question about the way to build my app and the datas behind. I can’t find a proper way to do it…

I’m building an app where I have all the items inventory of the company and I want to have a screen where I can pick multiple items on this inventory to put them in an Invoice (with an invoice number).

I have a sheet with all the items, by categories, numbers etc but what I’m not really sure is how to build the “shopping” part and the log part.
Because I also want to have a log of the invoices I have made. For exemple to know that in Invoice n°1012 on december 10th I have added Item 1,3,4 and 5 for example.

For the “shopping” part I want to have an easy way to select multiples item in one invoice. Like a check-list.

Many thanks for the help

You can probably simply use a choice component set to all multiple selection on a form screen, no?

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Thank you Robert, I didn’t see that option for the choice component.

It’s perfect because now I have a row for an Invoice and in this row a colom for the items in the invoice.

Many thanks

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I have an other question on the same problem :

Is there a way with the choice component to choice the item but also for some items to put the number of item you add in the invoice.

For exemple : I choose Item A, 2 Item B, 5 Item C, etc

Many thanks

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