How to multi-select into new grouping?

I have two types of objects: Items and Outfits. Every day I want to be able to select multiple Items and assign them to a new Outfit.

My initial thought was this mimics a multi-item checkout process (add many items to a new cart). But I can’t find a way to create this. I can set up a many-to-many relationship using a three-tab approach. Is there a way to use the Items page and select multiple Items to bundle into a new group?

I think if you assign row number to an outfit, then use item array and choice component for items. That should be able to fulfill your requirement.

So for columns, you would need outfit, item array( item 1, item 2, item 3…)

Among components, you can add choice component where source is the list of items. Once a choice is selected, show another choice component with list of items, repeat it once the item is selected. This will enable the user to select multiple items for a single outfit row.

Are chosen items available for a new day? (I.e they have been chosen in the previous days)