Multiple images issue

I’ve tried using multiple images column type but the app crashed and after that won’t upload the images anymore … Have anyone else tried this column type with success ?

Have you tried clearing your cache and uploading again?

@ThinhDinh I’ve used the functionality directly on mobile … if a user needs to do this, then this is a issue

What device did you try it on? Can you provide a record?

Iphone … No too much too provide as it didn’t worked … the files were uploaded and when you click submit they were not added in the database … right now I’m not using it , just wanted to try it to see how it is … but it’s a great feature if it’s working properly …also this functionality will be great to have a component like : Slides

Are you sure the files were finished uploading? Each file needs to turn from light gray to dark gray, signifying that the upload is complete. If you press submit to quickly, they may not be finished uploading.

@Jeff_Hager I will try this again and see … but can you also tell me how to display multiple images ?

If you are using the Multiple Images column, then you can use the Image component to display the images in the app.

If you are using the Multiple Files column, then you can use the Link component to display the links in the app.