Multiple criteria for list reference menu

Hopefully, I can explain what I am trying to accomplish…

I have a sheet that is used to create a tab in Glide consisting of multiple List References in Glide. Each column is for one List Reference using the format:

List Reference Name = Sheet : index : multiple

Above, you can see that each column is looking for a unique value in my “Index” column. “Advisors” = “a”, “Partners” = P.

Now, I would like use a form of “contains”, instead of unique values. Meaning, if I have a row where the person is BOTH an “Advisors” (a) AND a “Partner” (b) I would like them to show up in both list references. Currently, they are either (a) OR (b).

Maybe something like this would work for you.


Yes this helps. I wanted to avoid using multiple columns, but this does work.

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Yes, what @Todd57 said. I just figured this out myself the other day. Create multiple Index columns in your advisors sheet (Index 1, Index 2, Index 3). That should be all you need to do.

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I want to help something same…
I Have Tree Tabs 1. Invigilators Details 2. Exam Scheduled 3. Duty for Exam
I already create Date wise invigilator list.
But I stuck at to create invigilator wise duty list.
Any idea???