How to filter actions on an inline list based on multiple lookup column


I have an inline list, and I want to be able to filter the action that is available on clicking that column based on whether a certain column value from the user’s profile is or is not in a multuple lookup column for the table behind the inline list. let’s call the user profile column the product_id, the table behind the inline list the campaigns table, and the multiple lookup in the campaigns table is called my_campaign_products.

Now, I want to be able to add a row to a table when one of these items in the inline list is clicked, but only if the product_id is not included in my_product_campaigns. but there does not appear to be any condition available for the action. If I try to create a custom action, I can set a condition that says “if user>product_id is not included in campaign>…”, but my multiple lookup column doesn’t appear here for some reason.

Why can’t I condition my action based on includion in the multiple lookup column? This seems like a pretty basic functinality, and I don’t see why this column isn’t available.

In fact, when the user adds the row to the table upon clicking, it will include the current product_id in the my_campaign_products column, and if all of the above is working, the action should therefore become inactive upon clicking the row. Ideally, rather than simply deactivating, it would switch to a “remove row” action after it has been clicked once.

Does anyone know how to help me solve this?

your description is quite chaotic… but let me try…
you can condition action using if logic in the action table… if you don’t see your column there… that means is not in the sheet that you currently are. copy values to that sheet/table or into User profile table

Hi Uzo,

Sorry if the explanation was chaotic – I tried to be as clear as possible.

I double checked in both my Glide Apps and Glide Pages version of my application, and in neither case am I allowed to use the multiple relation/lookup column as part of the condition for an action. I can see all the other fields in the campaigns table that I can use for the condition, and I have confirmed that this column exists in my campaigns table and is populated with data.

Is there something I’m missing? Please let me know if I can provide any further documentation/evidence for my issue.


oh… i see… multiple relations will not work… try to create a text column from that lookup, by joining that array

ok, but then how would I test for inclusion in that list?

Also, just curious, is there any reason a lookup column can’t be used in this condition?

I believe anything coming from multiple relations is not allowed… it must be a single match…
let me test it… give me a few min

ok, so it sounds like there is no way to filter an inline list on a multiple lookup column. Is there any kind of workaround maybe?

you need to use “if array contains element” column

you need to create also a USC column to write element to look for

A lookup based on a multiple relation returns an array, and “is/is not included in” and its variants don’t work with arrays.

Instead of a lookup, try creating a joined list through your multiple relation. You should be able to use that with “is included in”.

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thanks so much Uzo! That worked.

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