Multiple Admins?

Hi, if I want multiple people to have editing privileges as admins, do I just create multiple columns with Admin 1, Admin 2, Admin 3, etc., and then select the array when in Layout mode to give them editing privileges? I saw in your Admin Apps & Editing Rights video how to do it for one, but wanted to make sure I’m thinking about this correctly.

Thanks for your help!

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Correct ! ADMIN_1, ADMIN_2, … then use the “ADMIN_ is signed in user” to grant them admin priviledges.

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Excellente! Thank you, sir!

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Note that you can also use the Users Profiles for such purpose : in the User profiles sheets, add a column “Admin” for example, for which rows contain booleans : true if admin. Then in the visibility options for components you can use data linked to your users : “USER > Admin” is true. It’s also better and cleaner than an array of admins.


Yes, this last post is what I recommend now. In your user profile sheet, include a ROLE column. Here you can set whether users are users or admins. Then you can provide privileges to only admins. In my recent OurNeighborhood app, I used this role column to specify whether a user is a resident or one of the HOA board members (President, vice president, etc.). Then I provided Access to admin features if role was not resident.

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Ok, that’s what I thought but I forgot where that I first saw that. I think on Twitter. Thanks, Robert!

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