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Hi guys,

New features are really auwsome !
But I’m struggling a bit with:

I’m building a content app, where user can create “Playlist” like in spotify.
The idea is to let them create their own playlist of content, and add pieces of content in those playlists.

I wanted to do this thanks to a button on one content (it could be a book) that trigger a multiple action.

But I’m struggling creating the two scenario I have in mind:

  1. Adding the book in a existing playlist
  2. Adding the book, in a new playlist that the user can create

I gave you a video: Bubbles - Collaborate In-Context

Thanks in advance for your help :pray:t2:

You’ll want to have a sheet called Playlists. Users can add new rows to this sheet via a form button. It should contain a user ID of some kind and a playlist ID. Create another sheet called playlist items. This should contain a userID column, a playlistID column and a column to contain the contentID.

Then, on each piece of content, you could have a button with a link to screen → this item. On this screen you could have a choice component that will let the user select one of their playlists (write this value to a user specific playlistID column within the content details sheet). After they select a playlist ID, display a “add item to playlist” button that has an add row action to add the contentID, their selected playlistID and their userID to the playlist items sheet.

Even better make this a multi step action that displays a notification, and goes back.

Hopefully this all makes sense.

This would be an even better experience if we had something like this:
Modal “Link to Screen” option

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Hi Robert,
Thanks a lot for your help. I’m gonna execute this strategy, thanks a lot.

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