Suggestions for UX for adding user generated content?

Other than the good old fashioned button at the top of a screen with inline lists of content, does anyone have any creative ideas on where to put forms for adding content? I did this once by adding a tab with a Plus icon in the middle of the bottom menu, and that looks nice, but when you submit, it leaves you on that tab. I’d like to be able to have a submit action go to a different tab (the one where the user just submitted content) but that is not possible yet…welcome any thoughts on this!

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A lot of big ol’ buttons here:

But a few ideas:

  • An Action Text component with a form action
  • A compact inline list with a blank value in the title and the word ‘Add’ in the Details (to make it right justified), or a regular inline list with an image of a ‘Plus’ or the work ‘Add’. Either with a form action. Set it up as a multiple self relation in the sheet that would normally contain the form button, but make sure the relation only returns one row. (That’s how I use Tiles or Cards at the top of the screen for student images when viewing each student profile)
  • An image with a form action.

Thanks Jeff! This sounds like some very creative stuff. I will play around with these ideas tomorrow!

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