Multiple actions like increment and then call or open maps not working and

The “increment->call number” multiple action using the phone component works on editor but not on the phone,

while the “increment-> open maps” using the map component does give error

Oh no! Errors suck :frowning:
Could you give me a screenshot of the error message you’re getting? Compound actions are fairly new, so they might be buggy.

instead of the map it shows error

I’m sorry, perhaps I should have explained myself better. I know it’s an error, but what I would like to know is where the error is, and what the error is. Could you supply me with a screenshot? There’s just so many possible error messages that it’s impossible to guess which one you’re getting…

I add a map, add a custom action, the action does an increment on a number and then opens the map-> gives error, never shows the map.

If I do the same increment on a phone call component, it works in the editor, but not on the phone, does the call but not the increment.

I completely understand that you’re getting an error.

Could you take a screenshot of it?

Pablo, no offence, are you a developer of the glide platform?

No, I am not.

I am trying to understand why you’re getting that error and all you’re saying is that there’s an error. Which isn’t very helpful.

Offense is taken.

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I perfectly explained you where and how to replicate the error, and I really don’t see how a screenshot could help you better understand it.

You can easily replicate it if you are interested in understanding.

Sorry but I’m busy with other problems in the app, thx for your interest, have a nice day.

I tried reproducing it on my own but did not get an error. A screenshot would help me see if you’re using conditions, and in what order you’re making the actions trigger. Just trying to help.

Goodbye, have a nice day

Excuse me for intruding … But someone from Glide isn’t just going to ask you for a snapshot, but also a video.

You are explaining the logic and what the error could be but a visual element is always better to solve a problem.

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Ok, I’m new to this community and I didn’t mean to be rude, but I have many things to work on the app and I don’t really have time to make screenshots if I don’t know that actual steps to solve the problem if there is one, are gonna be taken.

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@MaxB welcome to the community,

When you say increment>call number, by that do you mean start custom action- not incrementing the number itself which would result in 1 (or whatever the number of increments you have called on).

If the custom action > call number is not working on your phone, It is probably the same reason why the map is not working on your phone. The latest releases are proving to be very intransigent and in a really bad mood. Glide engineers are working with them.

I know why the map is not working as it is getting fixed and should be up and running by Tuesday, we are told. I am having the same problem with calls too, and that too is getting fixed at or around the same time.

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The map is not showing in the editor too, while the call increment gets done only on pc, probably cause there is the extra step.

I’m testing the increment action as a self made analytics but I will have to study them asap, but for now I can’t test them as I yet don’t have a premium account.

Since you are an expert, can you tell me if the analytics component is well integrated?

Can I have a detailed report of every visualizations/clicks?

Thanks in advance.

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Yes, you are right. Map is not showing for now but Tuesday it should.

Here is everything you need to know about tracking clicks/visualizations. There are other ways too but those other ways are limited to in-app activities like how many clicks on item X and by who etc…!


I’m also getting the same error message when I change the action on a map component to a custom action.

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