Multi User Calculator

My goal is to have a simple gSheets based calculator that is publicly available and usable by multiple users simultaneously. I am open to different ways of doing this, but my approach so far is like this:

-Have 3 unique numerical input fields
-Have 1 numerical output field

The issue I am having is that:

  1. Input from one user overrides the input from another user, so it can only be used by one user at a time.
  2. The output field is very slow to update. It takes about 6 seconds to multiply 3 triple-digit values together on the Glide portal. Note that the output field in gSheets updates instantaneously.


Take a look at this demo and use it


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Is there a way to do this without generating a new row each time the calculation is performed? The app may have several thousand users.

Yes, of course!

Sorry, I didn’t remember that this APP was using the old way/technique.

Now using the user-specific columns you can do it in the way you want.


In the Basic Table component, how were you able to create those math functions? I would need to create a Trig function.

Using a Math column you can create basic math operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division).
Something like this

Create 2 new user-specific columns to save the values there and later, use a Math column to get your operation by using them.

Chao @Koenner

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Just wrote about this use-case exactly, for a client:


Is there a way for the calculations to be done in gSheets without a ~6 second delay for the results to show on Glide. It seems like it would be preferable to do it that way, if you’re limited by what math functions are available. My calculator requires inverse tangent and a multi-variable equation, which is quite easy to do in gSheets.

There must be a sync back and forth to update it, so I don’t think there’s a way.

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Any thoughts on how to truncate a math value from 4 significant figures to 3 sig. figs? The value must be 3 sig. figs. and not just displaying 3 sig. figs. The function library really needs to grow!

Use 3 significant figures for your math column, then use a template column referencing that math column to lock it in.

Brilliant! Thank you

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