Multi-stop tours


I have made a glide app listing the galleries in my city. I am struggling with the next steps which is to create multi-stop tailored routes. I explain: I would like the users to select a number of stops and then the system proposes a route including only thoses stops.
Does any one know if that woudl be possible on glide.
Or at least just show on the map the ones the user has selected (with out a suggested route)

Thanks a lot for your help

Proposing a route won’t work with what we have now. If you only need to show points the user has chosen, you can have a switch/button pointing to a user specific boolean column. Only show pins where the user has marked the column true.

Thanks for the answer. So in oder for me to learn how to do the “showing chosen points of interests” where can I add the “ticking”/choosing option ?

here is the app in case it helps