Multi-select/combined comma separated values

Multi-select test

I’m sure someone else have already figured this out but just wanted to share anyway. Hopefully this helps until we get multi-select.

Note: It’s unrealistic for this to scale to more than 7 options as the number of possible combinations grow exponentially. I’m only using this for up to a max of 7 options and it will take some time to set up.

What I had for this example was:

  • 5 checkbox components (that acts like a multi-select) and optional ITE columns that returns the display value (I needed this for integration purposes)
  • Another set of ITE columns that assigns each option to a letter (A, B, C, D, E)
  • Template Column that combines the letters
  • Relation to another sheet (using the template column) that holds the combined values of the template column
  • Lookup column that will return the selected options

5 options will have 32 possible combinations including null
4 options will have 16
3 options will have 8
2 options will have 4

Hoping there will not be a need for this soon as this has a great impact on being able to integrate glide to other applications such as Salesforce.

Appreciate this community!