Multi instance calculation by exel connected sheet

Hi, every body!
May be I missed some thing?
I have excel sheet connected to Pages
Excel have some calculations in 9 tabs around 2000rows
I want to my Pages be a web interface to inputting data and receiving results from connected excel
But i don’t see the way how provide calculation for set of users simultaneously
Because no way i see to link excel cell to user-specific column, just only set column.

The only way to have calculations that are unique to each user is to move your calculations into glide and have the calculations use your user specific columns and glide computed columns. Or you would have to create a separate rows for each user in your excel sheet so they can have their own calculations. That’s the powerful thing about moving your logic into glide and using user specific columns. All of the calculations happen on the user’s device, instead of the excel sheet or the glide server, so they have a unique experience because they are only working with the version of the data that they see.

Thank you, Jeff! I wanted to make sure I didn’t miss some feature. Unfortunately, I will have to transfer all calculations to Glide. It’s long and difficult. A lot of clients are asking just to give a beautiful online interface to their tables and add functionality in which several users can simultaneously perform independent calculations based on a single table.
If you do not think about the technical side, it seems that it is quite simple to connect user-specific cells and excel.
But your reminder about performing calculations on the user’s side cools the ardor of hope for a simple solution :slight_smile:
Thank you for the answer!

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