Multi Inline Actions in Apps OR Signature in Pages

I am making an attendance app for my school and we require signatures at pickup. It’s fantastic that GlideApp has digital signatures, but what sets Pages apart from apps is its ability to add multiple inline actions.

Having multi-inline actions in GlideApp WOULD CHANGE THE GAME and I would basically just throw away Appsheet.

Currently, in pages I have 2 actions on each student inline, marking present or absent, which adds a row to my attendance sheet. The goal is to then have another button for sign out, which would pop up and collect a signature.

Right now, I can do the first part in pages and the second part in Apps. It’s driving me nuts to not be able to combine these. (I can in Appsheet, but it’s a far more complicated process.)

ALSO, it would be great to maybe just have a limit on SHOWN actions? Because I only want 2 at a time anyway, but some actions hide based on values and I’d like others to be able to be shown instead of the summary ellipses.

Thanks though!

Why not just use a Button Bar in your App with one button marking Present and the other marking Absent?

Another way would be to use an Inline List with two items, with the action on each to mark either Present or Absent.

Here is an example from one of my own apps, where I use an inline list to set one of 6 different attendance statuses:

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Definitely possible to do it that way. The idea was to not have to open the inline student to mark. Similar to a checkmark system. Otherwise, it requires a lot of back and forth as some of our classes have 45ish students.

I guess I can make it slide to compensate?

ah, I see what you mean. You want to set the status from the Inline List without viewing the details screen.

Okay, so what you could do is modify the action on the Inline List so it toggles the status. Tap it once for Present, tap again for Absent, tap a 3rd time to reset.

If you still needed to be able to tap through to a details screen, perhaps what you could do is have a second inline list with a default show details action, and then use a choice component (or even a floating button) to toggle between the two lists.

Would something like that work for you?

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Could you use a swipe list with three buttons (Present, Absent, Signature)? Present and Absent would update your table and then signature for collecting the info.

Swiping through 45 students is a lot but you could search by name or organize into smaller lists top to find the child plus you could have a picture of the student as a verification when you get the signature/hand-off the child.

Just a thought…

Ah, I just mentioned inline actions to @DJP recently. I’d love to see that on Glide!

That’s really creative, I’m making a mental note of that idea.

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Ya that’s what I do with my attendance app template:

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Yeah, that’s similar to the thought I had after Darren’s response.

I decided to use the swipe list and navigate to it using a button in detail.

Then Left/Right swipe actions for Present vs Absent.

Now it writes on the attendance sheet until the swipes are empty and the Take Attendance button disappears.

Works pretty well and eliminates the back and forth issue.



Thanks, Darren. I appreciate your responses. I ended up using swipe actions, but only got there after your helpfulness.

Many thanks!

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