How to call the roll?

Hi everybody,
For my job of PE teacher, I actually work on a new app to manage my classes. I’d like to call the roll with this app. The only method that i’ve imaginated is create a sheet with the names in the first row and use “Show form” and a “choice button” for each pupil. But for 10 classes, it’s quite long. Is it the right method or do you think about a better one ?

A very simple way to do this would be something like:

  • Use an Inline List component to display your list of students
  • Configure the action on that component to set a value (either Increment or Set Columns action)
  • Use the state of the value to control the filtering of your Inline List

The effect of this would be that as you tap on each student in the list, they would be immediately removed from the list.


Looks like @Robert_Petitto is doing this in one of his apps.

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This is a good method but I don’t know how he has done :thinking:

Thank you for your answer. To use this method, it would be necessary that before each call, be created a column with the date as title. I don’t know how to do that.

Okay, so you need to keep a permanent record of each roll call?

Here is a way you could structure your tables to manage that…

  • Create a separate table, call it something like ‘Roll Calls’
  • In that table, start with 3 columns:
    • Date (date/time column)
    • Student ID (unique value that identifies a student, and can be used to link to your students table)
    • Present? (boolean - true/false)

If there can be multiple roll calls on the same day, then you might also need a “Roll Call ID” column, so they can be differentiated.

So going back to my original suggestion, start with the inline list of students, then:

  • Tapping on a student opens up a View Details screen
  • On that screen you present a button bar component
  • The left button labeled “Present”, and the right button labeled “Absent”
  • Each button when tapped will perform an Add Row action on your Roll Calls table, inserting a new row for that student
  • The difference between the two is that “Present” will set the “Present?” column to true

Would something like that work for you?


Thank you again for your help.l>But I think it would take too long to click on each card and then choose Absent or Present. Here is a preview of my app which is far from complete.

Can you direct me to which screen would be used for the roll call?

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Two inline lists.

One for present, the other for absent (currently hidden)

To begin with you only know who is present (does being late have relevance?).

You have your inline list of students, the action on pressing simply marks them as present (new row, studentID, date/time, present [tick])

At the end of the session, or after roll call, press a button on screen will then hide the “present” inline list to an “absent” list (there are ways to filter out those who were present), and the action on this list marks them as absent (studentID, date/time)

There are far grander ways of doing it but this should be a fairly simple way of doing it. You don’t really need to hide the tables come to think of it.


Two tables - one for students the other for roll call.

Populate a text field at the top with the day or class then utilize the swipe card functionality for absent or present. Use custom action to create roll call record based on the swipe direction.


Tap the logo > Tap “U8” > Tap “Appel”

I’m going to test… I have a way to doing that but this isn’t certainly the easiest… I must create new list of students with filters, verify for each cell if it’s empty or not and create for each one un button “choice” with a different caption, target cell and filter… 40 students for 10 class … 400 :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
But i think it’s quick, functional and quite pretty :wink:

I made this for someone quite some time ago before we had compound actions but it might do the trick. It’s in my free templates forum topic along with half a dozen others i think. It has a really nice breakdown of attendance in the google sheets. It was mostly intended to be stored with glide and analyzed in sheets.

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It was the method i had used… but i think that is the more efficient :wink:

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