Multi-choice selector button

Buenos días a la Comunidad,
quería preguntar cómo poder hacer?? (hemos intentado encontrar información pero sin éxito).

Necesitamos un botón selector modo de “Checkbox” pero no boleano de 2 opciones, sino en nuestro caso de 3 opciones (pero sin utilizar el “Glide Choice” para no tener que desplegar y selecionar por razones de agilidad en informar un cuestionario.

Es para rellenar un formulario de un cuestionario

“checkbox” de 3 opciones :

  • check
  • non check
  • NA

IMPORTANTE: dicho “checkbox” alimentará un único CAMPO.

Good morning to the Community,
I wanted to ask how to do?? (we have tried to find information but without success).

We need a “Checkbox” mode selector button, but not a 2-option Boolean, but in our case 3 options (but without using the “Glide Choice” to avoid having to display and select for reasons of agility in reporting a questionnaire.

It is to fill out a form of a questionnaire

“checkbox” with 3 options:

  • check
  • no check

IMPORTANT: said “checkbox” will feed a single FIELD.

I think Choice Component is exactly what you want. Perhaps you only saw the default of drop down style, and not chips or radio? Drop down isn’t very agile, but both chips and radio buttons are, and chips with just three choices is nice and compact too.


This is exactly what I needed!!! Oops, I’m sorry I asked the Community and didn’t find out by myself… sorry…

Thank you very much again

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Matthew, we have the selector with your instructions.

But what we do not see is how to be able to insert it on the first screen (it is a questionnaire that would have to be answered on the first screen without having to enter “+Add” because it would force us to have to enter each question in addition to that would create a new record and what we intend is to respond to each record).

I attach a screenshot of what I want to convey to you.

Thank you

Create a custom style collection and add the choice component on each card, I guess.

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