Multi-choice grids

Hi all. First post. Really appreciate the info on here, and hope I can help others in future.
I’ve already developed an app for meeting scheduling (amongst other things) for a hospital department.

I have a “Meetings” table. Each meeting includes multiple “Agenda items” relations (including presentation title, time and presenter ID).

I would like to collect feedback ratings for each “agenda item”, but ideally would like the rating components all to appear on a single screen. Is it possible to repeat components for relations?
i.e. a kind of custom inline list??

I would appreciate any suggestions anyone may have if this is possible or any workarounds.

(My current alternative thought is to dynamically create a google form using a google app script, and for the script to save the form url to the meeting sheet, and then embed it in a webview component).


Do you have a max limit of how many ratings do you want to show in a form? I understand it’s bad UX if users have to open multiple forms to rate.

Hadn’t considered a max limit, but could say maybe 5 - 10.

Probably a setup like this will work, albeit it’s a long con.

Make a relation matching your event with all agendas.

Then use 10 single value columns to return the 1st, 2nd, … , 10th agenda from your relation. You can do it with the option “from the start”, something like that.

Then in the form, you can have 10 rating components and name them with the agenda names you returned via the single value columns.

In your ratings submissions, apart from the ratings, I would also catch the agendas’ names via screen columns so I won’t forget which rating that was.

Thanks. I’ll have a go and see what I can come up with.

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