Trying to save rows

I have a restaurant survey app using Pages, where a user can select which dish(es) they ordered and write a review via a form, which adds a row to my Surveys Table. However, when users order multiple items, they will need to take multiple surveys. I currently complete this through a custom action and 2nd form, however it adds an additional row per item. With 25K row limit, I can see this going pretty quickly.

So for example, if a user reviews 4 dishes, 4 rows are added

What I would probably prefer is that if 1 user wants to review 4 dishes, then all 4 reviews are added in a single row, meaning a single form.

I’m thinking that if I have a choice component of all dishes each restaurant sells, a user can select multiple dishes with a max of 4 choices. These selections will then filter another list to only display those 4 dishes. Then a choice component to rate each dish would appear.

Choice Component 1 (All 20 Dishes a Restaurant Sells)
User selects Dish 1, Dish 2, Dish 3 and Dish 4 to review

Dish 1
Choice Component

Dish 2
Choice Component

Dish 3
Choice Component

Dish 4
Choice Component


While a custom form might be ideal with USC’s, that would burn through my 10K updates faster than my 25k rows. Thus a single form component would the least resource intensive.

Any ideas?

You might be able to get away with doing some JSON magic. I’m in the middle of planning a video where I’d convey this concept efficiently.

For example,

  1. Placing a restaurant order where all ordered items on the same row as the order itself (including quantity and notes to kitchen)
  2. Playing a round of golf where the scores for all 18 holes are on the same line as my “round of golf”

This is a low code option for sure, but it’s possible. I’ll see if I have time this week for a better explanation


That would be awesome, thanks! Dont have any experience with JSON but I can follow directions well :laughing: