Muliple Choice Fields for Calculator

I’m trying to create a multi-facited product calculator. This requires selecting a couple of different product options and entering some values. I can’t seem to get more than one ‘choice’ component to work at a time.
Example of what I’m trying to do:
Select Product 1 from SheetA
Select Product 2 from SheetB
Enter Value 1
Enter Value 2

Then for the calculations, it would need to take certain values from each product with the entered values to find solution.

Thanks in advance for any help!

Can we have some screenshots of how you’re setting it up?

I’m trying to create something similar. The “app” already works in Google Sheets, but I’d like to make it more palatable and easy for the user to enter the data and get an answer.

Here is my “app”

Basically, you pick a substrate from the dropdown list, which is being pulled in from the Inputs tab. The formula then does a lookup to see which substrate was picked to calculate the KGs per meter * quantity for a total KG for that substrate.

The user can then add multiple substrates, up to 23 in my Google Sheet.

We assume the longest piece of corrugated material will be placed at the bottom of the pile and other lengths will be on top.

We used the Center of Gravity formula for multiple lengths of material which is Total Moments divided by Total Weight.

Basically, now the customer will know exactly where to place the strop to pick up the materials after placing multiple substrates of varying lengths and weight.

Every time they start a new pile of substrates, they’d need to clear out the inputs and start over.

I don’t mind if those inputs are saved and then hidden as a type of History, but this is posing a bit of a challenge to build. Any thoughts would be appreciated!

From a brief look, what you can do is use a series of math columns to achieve what you want. Those columns you have a lookup can be replaced by relation - lookup inside Glide.

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Thanks @ThinhDinh

I’m learning so much and have spent the past few hours scouring those two links you shared and many more.

I’m really struggling to find a component that lets the user pick from a dropdown of the lookup values from the Profiles column in my Inputs table to then utilise the corresponding KGs / Meter column in the math column. Any insights?

@ThinhDinh additionally, the user needs to be able to add up to 12 (reasonably) sets of data to then come up with the solution (center of gravity for all sets of data) which would be something akin to adding multiple rows to then come to a solution.

Each group of substrates would need to include the dropdown picker of the type of material (from the relation table, using lookup as you suggested) and then the corresponding quantity and length. So 3 inputs. Then they’d need to be able to add another group of substrates, or just stop and calculate (or auto-calculate as they add more groupings?)

Just a bit of a struggle to try to wrap my head around how Glide works compared to my fully functional calculator (albeit very ugly) in Google Sheets. Thanks for any tips or pointers! I’ll continue to dig in and learn.


Never mind, I found the “Choice” component!! Funny as I was searching I used the term “dropdown” in so many ways but ended up finding it by clicking through every single component. Thanks anyways :slight_smile: