Moving from AppyPie

I have been trying for some time to use AppyPie to create a litle eLearning app for a few courses.
I was drawn in by the easy to use interface and that the app is published on both Apple and Android platform.

But I am stuck due to the help/support is something out of Fawty Towers.
they clearly have some very clever people there, but sadly I do not get to speak to them.

I am no longer a coder/db/nw person, but understand IT well, or how it used to work 15 years ago… so need something that is block based.

In my intended app, there is no clever lookups to backend DBS, etc. just simple app that people register and pay for after trying some free bits.

Is Glide a suiteable alternative for eLearning app that is self contained?

thoughts and advice hugely appreciated.
Per Norrgren

If you are looking for something that can be distributed via the App/Play stores, then Glide isn’t the right choice. It’s possible, and people have done it, but it’s neither supported or encouraged.

Following on from what Darren said… Adalo might be worth looking at.

thank you
very much appreciate your insight.

thank you
very much appreciate your thoughts on Adalo,
it looks like it could be worth a try.
Shame about Appy Pie, but it has been really frustrating experience.

from an outsider, nowing nothing, Glide looks reallly good, so for me it is surprising that there is no Publish to App store feature.
again, thank you for the suggestion of Adalo

In short, it doesn’t fit with the Glide business model.
Glide is very much about Private Apps for business, rather than consumer type Apps.

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