Moving from Appsheet to Glide!

Hello Glide Community,

Have a few quick questions regarding a possible move from Appsheet to Glide.

Long story short, my company needs an all-in-one internal operations app. This would include, but not be limited too; a CRM, project tracker, and day-to-day operations (time and expenses tracking, real-time chat, etc).

We started building this in Appsheet and got pretty far along with it before we started to notice some limitations. The main being the UX/UI restrictions. Followed up by display of media and its hiccups. Then the dealbreaker was the fact that our spreadsheets started lagging and becoming unresponsive (175 columns, 20 tables).

Which leads me to why I’m here looking at Glide.

It seems like at surface level that all of the problems above could be solved. That being said, its got me wondering what new problems we’ll run into. For instance, can all of this be put into a single app without issue? Can Glide complete all the same complex actions required for accounting without it needing to be overly complex? How well does it handle media and what are the storage limitations?

If someone could shed some light on some of the questions above but more importantly, your experiences/frustrations utilizing Glide that would be awesome.

PS - Sorry if this post is in the wrong place.

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Glide can play video, audio, and show images.
At 249$ per month you have 1TB of file storage.
Native online chat will be expensive, because each message cost one row and at 249 per month you have 25000 rows of standard data sourse and 100000rows of high-scale source.
But you can use chat integrations.
Glide highly situable fo use with under 100 private online users but can be extended for more.
May be some another can give you some more experienced info.


Maybe you just needed some better guidance on how to put things together.

  • Nothing you’re describing (sans “real-time” chat) should be causing a problem

When properly assembled, an AppSheet app can support a very complex data schema.

  • One app I’m supporting now is an EMR system with 5 tables (20-ish columns each) to collect patient data each with roughly 50k - 90k records, along with 23 other supporting tables - many of these with 10k+ records. All of this is intricately reference connected together, with a ton of automations running (either off triggers or from a schedule) that further process data downstream.
  • There are 3 layers of record filtering in place, to ensure that a user only see’s the patient data their suppose to see.
  • Average sync: 10 seconds (best: 4, worst: 26)

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Interested in how an appsheet build can be HIPAA compliant?

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You can get a BAA with Google if you need. You have to have an enterprise license, but they are available upon request.

  • Having gone through the process a couple of times, I can verify it’s fairly straightforward.
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