Moving existing tabs into another tab?

Okay, harder to explain in plain text so I made a little video. @ThinhDinh, @Jeff_Hager or anyone? Thanks!


I don’t think you can combine in the way you’re looking for, but I believe that if you create a tab called admin, and add inline lists, they should still display the linked pages with the set up that you have for them now. Try building that admin page before deleting the other tabs. I’m not sure what else you have on your tabs, so you might lose a few things in the process, but I think the linked layouts will be preserved.


Great, thanks for the suggestion, going to try it now. Those tabs are full of forms and lists so they’ll be a pain to rebuild so hopefully this works! I’ll keep you posted!

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Good idea. I will be doin it soon. Just wondering-Can’t you create a tab with detailed screen and put 4 button with link to screen/tab. Also, hide the tabs. Less clutter.

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That’s exactly what I wanted to do, but I have not been able to select a tab as a source, only the sheet which means rebuilding everything. I got sidetracked but I’m going to try all of the suggestions when I sit back down tomorrow morning. I’ll let you know how it turns out!

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@Deena, you can do it. It will just take 10 minutes once you sit down. Just take screen shots of config of current tabs, put it on half of screen and make your single admin tab. That’s what I plan to do. Great idea!!

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Just the extra push I needed haha! :smiley: