Movie App - All Movies Idea/Request

Hey guys, just asking a quick question and wanting to get some feedback before I do this and if it is actually worth doing. I made a Christmas app that had a Netflix style movie section with full length movies in it earlier this month and I was recently asked if I would make another but just a slew of movies, as most of you know by now I would release it for free. The question I have is would a large majority of you actually use it? I don’t want to build an app with 1000+ movies (very time consuming) if it will only be used by one or two people. Let me know what you think. Thanks.


I would!

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An app which has a list of curated movies? For sure.
Selecting a movie to watch is the most difficult part lol.

Or what about a mix between a movie list and a “movie picker”? Check out @spencersRus’s app called “What to Eat/Order” - so when it’s difficult to choose which movie to watch, it gets you to reduce choices!

Or even like Netflix’s “Shuffle” you could have the entire list as an Inline List and set an action to Reshuffle on command (order randomly) and it’ll show a tile or Card with a random movie to watch…

Just my 2-cents! :nerd_face:


It will be organized by genre and probably a tab you can click on that will randomly choose 1 movie from every genre to pick from.

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