Move data between data bases

Hi, I’m studying a possibility to create my app with Glide. I have a question, is it possible to connect data bases of two or more users? For example, the seller has a warehouse of goods and he moves wares to the client. Goods apper in clients warehouse. So, the logic is: two or more warehoses and goods need to be moved between them. Everyone will have their own account.

Glide apps use a single database. All users share the same database. Data can be separated in various ways and assigned to each user, but all of the data is still in a single database.

Thank you for you quick reply, so, as I understood it is possible to create interaction between tables?

Yes, it is possible, but you would have to be more specific to get a better answer. What is your app flow like? What does your data look like? What exactly are you trying to accomplish? What kinds of problems are you running into? I can only give a generic answer without knowing more.

I want to create an application that should automate the process of moving goods between different warehouses.

Each warehouse will be managed by an operator, who will have its own account and, at his request, the goods must be moved from one warehouse to another, i.e. the operator’s warehouse: accounting will take place in the first warehouse: quantity= - n pieces, and in the second warehouse quantity= + n pieces.