More visual improvement in graphs

Hi. Glide apps is really making a difference in my work especially in reporting updates. Although the bar component is very limited as of now, it is still very useful and works like magic.

I’m still praying for these in the future updates in the graph component:

  1. Tabular/table visuals, some data are best in tables than in graphs

  2. Line graphs and combination of it with bar graphs, to show different quantities for comparisons

  3. More color options or selection of colors based on counts or categories, like alive and died or thresholds in terms of quantities

Here’s some screenshots of my app:

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Please take a look at our new Feature Requests app, below. Some of those features have already been suggested, so please vote for them there and describe your use case. You can also suggest new ones. We use the data from that app to help us prioritize what to build next. Thank you!