More than 25000 rows with Glide Tables - Will this become possible in the future?

Hi there!

I have built a ticketing system for a client with Glide based on Glide Tables (not big tables)/ Luckily, they are selling many tickets (10.000 yearly). My question is, in around 1 year, they will probably surpass the 25.000 limit.

Now that Glide is working so hard on performance, will it become possible in one year to have more than 25.000 rows with Glide Tables?

I know I could use big tables, but given that it doesn’t load/filter/search data instantaneously (people love Glide big part because of how fast it is), I rather avoid it!

I think it’s one of Glide’s goals that Glide Tables and Glide Big Tables will be one and the same (as feature-filled as Glide Tables, as scalable as Glide Big Tables), but as far as I know there isn’t any timeline for this and it might not even be clear if it’s even possible. Please don’t quote me on this, this is simply what I’ve gathered from reading information here and there.

For tickets older than a year, maybe the bell and whistles of Glide Tables are not needed anymore, and you could use Big Tables as a archive only?


Yeah, I was thinking about archiving stuff older than 1 year. (Native automations would be a big help here, although through zapier/make and API calls I could probably schedule it automatically!)

Well, I would’t know. I think Glide is built on firebase which has excellent scalable real-time capabilities, so I guess it would be possible to make Glide Big Tables as responsive as the normal Glide Tables when you would build it from scratch. With all the existing apps/codebase from Glide however, I dont know!


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