More than 12 Variables in Zapier

I have more than 12 Variables that I want to push via zapier, how to do that?

As of now Glide and Zapier do not support sending that many variables I think.

What is the alternative then

Possibly use a template column to combine them together in the way you want.

This is not possible because of Following reasons

  1. We are preparing a system where sales person generate Quotation and for that he need to add atleast 4 products. Every product has 4 variables that is “Description” “Quantity” “Unit Rate” “Total”

2.Four product will be having 16 unique values plus discount then amount after discount and then taxes and final amount inc of taxes

  1. Once sales person fill these details in app and click send quote, system will take values via zap and send it to customer via email ( Email has table where these values will be mapped)

Kindly suggest a solution to do it.

And also we need one more feature which as follow

  1. As sales person click send quote, that quote should be sent to admin to preview and only after his approval that Quote should be sent.