Grouping Images in Glide Tables as a Template


So I am looking for a way to group images into a single template for use in a zapier email.

As I can only use 12 values, I need a way to group 15 images together to use as 1 value in zapier.



When you say images, I assume you mean image URL’s?

What I would do is create a JSON string that contains a collection of image URL’s, and send that as a single value. So something like:


I don’t use Zapier, but I would assume that it has a method for handing JSON objects?

Hi Darren,

I need the images to be displayed on the email, not the URL.

So currently I have 5 images set up as their own Zapier Value… And when I add the zapier value for each image to the email in zapier, they display in the email when you open it.

I need it to do the same thing but avoid having to use a seperate value for each image.



How are you getting the images from Glide to Zapier?
I guess I was assuming that you’re sending a webhook - is that not the case?

So on a submit button, it triggers a zap… and in the edit action you set the values 1-12… 5 of those values are currently images from google sheets.

ah, I see.

As I’ve not used Zapier, I’m not exactly sure if it will handle a collection as a single value. But that’s how I would handle this if using Make/Integromat. Then you could send as many images as you wanted to.

Perhaps somebody that’s more familiar with Glide/Zapier integration will step in and advise.

Thankyou for trying to help :slight_smile:

From the Zapier docs, it seems like you can just use a template to combine the URLs together, separate them with a comma and a space and point the “attachments” field of Gmail/Zapier mail to that field.

Say “https://example1.jpg, https://example2.jpg”.

If you have an unknown amount of images, you can:

  • Use a Make Array column to combine your image columns to an array first, this will eliminate empty fields.

  • Use a Joined List column to join the array into a string, delimited by ", ".

  • Send that to Zapier.

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