Monetize by allowing to copy app

I would like to sell the access to an app where the goal is for the user to input his own data without me or anyone else having access to it, except for the user himself.
I thought the new feature (copy as template) would make this possible, but actually if I tick the “app template” in settings, even if the app is private (email whitelist, password), as long as a person has the app url (easily found), he can copy it.
Is there any way we can allow only “approved” users to copy the app?


You can make a public version of your app that cannot be copied, and a private version that can be copied. Share the public version with people so they know what the app is like, and then sell access to the private version. In the future you will be able to sell templates.

Thanks, @david. So, I have a that can’t be edited nor copied, and a, password protected that can be copied. The problem is people don’t need to type the password to be able to copy the app. So, as long as you can guess the app url (and that’s not difficult), you can copy it. Or am I missing something?

No, create an app with a URL that you don’t share until the person pays to copy the app. It’s not bulletproof but it would work, as long as people just make one copy when they pay.

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Hi @filipa,
I found your question because I’m looking for a similar solution. I wonder, have you tried this further and is this working for you?

I had to abandon my project because of the pricing changes. But the solution David presented would work.


I think this is a great solution.

The Template Store offers this now. You can submit your app and charge people to copy it.

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