Missing value when displaying even though Data shows

So i queried a database which returns 1 of the row. But when I select to use this to display the collections it still shows all the row of data.
Cruciferious is somewhere in the row betweem. What did i do wrong?

Show how the collection is configured. Is it using the query or is it using the entire table?

As seen in above, the Query only has Cruciferous as a result.

This is the collection that i am showing…it display all the rows…but I limit it to only 1…and the first row which is the Medium Fruit is displayed…Not filter is applied yet.

No obvious reasons to me. Have you tried refreshing the browser? Does any of the user rows return a full list of data in the query column?

Hey~ Apparently the category even though it shows the result from my fetchJSON. it appears to be empty. See the template I used to display [Food] is a [Category]
[Food] is User selected food which is Lacinato Kale
[Category] is reading the value from fetchJSON which in the data is displaying Kale. See below
See last row where my User row is.

I’m still unclear about your data structure. Can you explain:

  • What column “appears to be empty” in your screenshot?
  • What is your current flow for the user on the front end?