Missing Calculations

Can anyone out there who’s smarter than me help figure this out?

All of my math and template columns seem to be working just fine, except for these two users, in these two cells. Please help!

Can you share the formulas in those math columns?

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Hey Jeff - the top two go together (mg / mL) and the bottom two do as well, and are supposed to be at half the amount of the first (1.5 for the first and 0.75 for the second). They are both based off of the converted weight that the end user enters in another column (not pictured)


Also, not sure what the deal is with the offset spacing on the last picture. It doesn’t look like that when I edit it

Nothing is jumping out at me. Seems pretty simple. I’m guessing the second ml calc is failing because the mg calc is failing.

Things to try:

  • Refresh the browser
  • Double check on the published version
  • Clear and reset the formula in the mg calc
  • Re-create the column from scratch.

Hopefully one of those things clears it up. I’m not sure what it could be.

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Super weird - ended up having to hard refresh then it populated :man_shrugging:

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Must have been stuck somewhere. I honestly think those calculations are happening locally on your machine, so it much have been a temporary browser glitch.

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