Failed to count amount

Hi everyone…
ask permission…
why does the math column in Glide fail to count numbers above one million…
does anyone know the cause?
I attached a screenshot of it.

Can you please show what the formulas are in those two MTK columns?

Hi @Darren_Murphy
here’s the formula…

It’s difficult to tell from your screenshots, but my guess would be that the empty rows are probably due to a division by zero error.

For those rows that are empty, do you get a valid result if you perform the calculation manually?

if it’s done manually I get valid results

My goal is to get the selling price of the goods…
and the formula I did is
The purchase price of the goods is multiplied by the percentage and added back to the purchase price of the goods

purchase price*percentage+purchase price

The percentage column looks like it is an if-then-else column. Can you show the configuration of that column?