MIGRATION: Legacy Glide App on Plan to New Glide Pages on Plan

I have a paid Legacy Glide app with custom URL I want to migrate to the new Glide plan and pages. Apparently I can’t just upgrade the account?


I’m not so concerned about rebuilding the app from scratch, decently easy. But it would be nice to know beforehand if I will have to rebuild, and even where to rebuild it.

Do I have to set up an entirely new Glide account (new email etc) and rebuild there? Or do I just wait until Glide builds a migration feature? (when, I kinda want to get this moving)

I’m more concerned about bricking the domain or something and keeping downtime limited. Any help on all of this migration would be greatly appreciated. Couldn’t find clear posts about this in the forum.

You will first have to create a new Team folder in the Glide dashboard. You don’t need a new account. New team folders follow the new pricing structure. You can upgrade that new team to the appropriate plan that you need.

Once that is done, you will need to downgrade your old app. Then you should be able to transfer it to the new team folder. (An alternative which may be safer is to duplicate your old app, and then transfer the duplicate before downgrading your old plan.)

You will most likely need to update your custom domain if you are transferring a duplicate app, so I would suggest setting aside a scheduled downtime to handle that. On the other hand you may not need to do anything if you transfer the live app, but there may be a small window where you will have it downgraded to a free plan, so free plan limits may be exposed.

!!! This does not convert your Classic App to a New App. It only places it into the new pricing structure!!!
If you want to convert it to a New App, the best you can do is choose the"Create New App from Data" option in the dashboard. This will preserve data and computed columns, but you will still need to rebuild the interface. However, since you will be under new pricing, both Classic and New Apps will be under the same plan, so it will be easier to rebuild at your leisure.


Super helpful @Jeff_Hager. The first step “create a new team”, was throwing a wrench in the whole process. Thanks so much for clearing that up.

Will work thru it, and tag if any more issues but I think I can safely move forward now. Thanks a million

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