Microsoft Power Platform

I just stumbled upon this article:

Microsoft has a little known platform that could drive more growth than Office

Can you imagine Microsoft making an offer to acquire Glide? Now how ironic would that be?! David, Mark and Jason are possibly good buddies with Charles Lamanna :slight_smile:


Charles Lamanna, Microsoft’s (MSFT) Corporate Vice President of Business Apps and Platform, said it’s likely that over the next five years, 500 million new apps will need to be built, which would be "more than all the apps built in the last 40 years.”

Although 500 million apps over the next five years sounds like an enormous opportunity, there’s one big hurdle: there are not enough software developers around the world to meet that demand.

It’s estimated that to reach the 500 million figure, an additional 10 years worth of developers would have to enter the market. Given the demand for apps and the shortfall in developers, platforms such as Microsoft’s (MSFT) Power Platforms, with its low-code environment, are now a necessity and can transform employees with no development experience into “citizen devs,” letting companies transform their businesses, Thill explained.