Metaverse future with Glide

Yesterday the company Facebook Meta launched what will be the future of technology and connectivity - the Metaverse.

We know this will take years to happen, but the idea is that future technologies, applications and even the way the internet works today will change a lot.

I recommend you see at least half of this keynote so you understand what we’re talking about.

That leaves a healthy question.

How can Glide evolve within Metaverse? :rocket:


sorry… but this is the worst idea ever!
people need to start going back to the real world with real friends that they can have real conversations face to face at a close distance… we are getting way too far apart.


I :purple_heart: disruption and have a Vision to integrate in some capacity not the meeting room as it is, but a bar for only the mood part of each participant.
An empathy bar.
For very strategic yet genuinely human life-valuable purposes.


I know it will attract way too many people… make way too much money… my point is, it will push reality, steps away from where needs to be for most of the people to exist.
I see everyday kids stepping onto a busy road looking at their cellphones… driving while texting… not working while watching the internet influancers making tons of $ just by posting stupid things…
I sow that China banned social media for kids limiting it just to one hour or so… i know it is against freedom, but I totally support that!

We’re not talking about it @Uzo. If I use it in a future, maybe will be for work, as I miss more features in my case. But my question was clear

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I think the future should be how to empower people with the most democratic resources.
Like Glide can empower non-dev in field they would never dare to dream of years ago, and without expensive elite scholarship fees & other expenses to access and learn.
More durable Investments.
Where we still have our body, 6 emotions, 5 senses free of move to stay aware of real life, while maximizing technology as a reliable ally to delegate tedious parts that can help respect more people (less “subaltern” mindset Thks to technology alignment)


I agree that platforms like Glide are a much better way to learn than school…
I just can’t stand any more FB or Twitter-like platforms…
I can go on with other bs like bitcoin, stock market, religions… scary part is that today technology advance is so quick, that any regulations will come too late… and if are warry about climate change, these things will destroy us way faster!


Great question! Seeing your post made me want to go watch Ready Player One :joy:

Great movie. And tech has always moved faster than what society thinks it’s prepared to handle. Good discussion starter to think how it will apply to user behavior and mobile apps in the future. :+1:


I felt the same and have just watched again :joy:

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That’s the point

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@david we know this is a bit far from now, but I’d really like to know what’re your thoughts about how the apps may be in metaverse.

  • Do you think the app will look the same we’re used to nowadays but in Augmented Reality or maybe in a different way?
  • Will Glide follow this somehow in the future? If yes, how do you guys assume that?

I like this question. I was thinking about this yesterday …