Is there any place to put metadata to a Glide Page other than the field in Name&Icon / Description?

Those metadata should show up as preview information when sharing the link to the website.


Hello @samwagner. Thanks for the post. Great question. This isn’t a native feature. Though I’ve circled this with the team.


Tough thing, @iamtomgray. Thank you for taking action.

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Can you explain more ?

For pages it’s a must when we consider SEO … and if you create a public project without SEO in mind then it’s really a problem and you loose a lot of benefits that the Page can have … shouldn’t be too dificult to implement this. Another thing from what I saw in apps, don’t know how it works in pages, must usem them first to see but in apps, H1 is not really an H1 tag … and this is a MUST also for SEO purposes … it also should be in apps as you can have that version of the app in a desktop/tablet mode on your website, and you really don’t benefit from a proper content curation by the search engines.

If you need more input on why this should be a MUST … I have also some other points of view that I can share :sweat_smile:


Good catch

@Yasin_Hassanien @samwagner
let’s vote this here and make it go upper in the list

I will add also a few comments there