SEO integration and URL

it would be amazing if you could try to developp the SEO part on glide.
Because for now, it’s not possible to have a good SEO with google and other stuff.
It could be really nice if we could add a sitemap.xml to our glideapp.

And i don’t know if it’s possible to have specific URL for our page etc… This would be amazing for the SEO and to share more of our app.

Thanks for all



Would work amazingly well with deep-linking.

My current use-case is that of a fake news buster app.

You see a piece of news circulating, you log on to the app, find the fake news buster item in the app, and share a link to that particular item in the app. Right now everyone would get directed to the homepage of the app.

It would be amazing to see how this plays out in the tablet/desktop version of Glide.


When I created the first online store I used seo tools like optimization and backlings. Anyway, there are a lot of other tools.

I would also love to see this implemented so I write here all the details that I know and are needed to be implemented from an SEO point of view. I will not create another topic as this one already has some votes.

First of all - the importance of this
if we have metadata and a SEO approach in an app or page, that is publicly available, then we get all the benefits of indexing the pages and the content in a good way so, when a user searches for some content that is inside the app, or a page with a certain keyword, then we could be in front of them in the SERPs

What is needed


Title and description for each page / screen in case of apps
H1-6 to have the HTML Heading element

Sharing image
sharing description
sharing title

If it’s needed, I can create a simple mockup for this.

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To add here also there could be the “Slug” value for each list item selected , that can be taken from a field as the title is.

I’m not sure if there have been any updates here but this feels a must for outward facing sites (not just for internal admin/workflow). Would love to see implemented and would stop me moving away from the app!