Messaging / Chat Component wish list

Ok. So there seems to be a common requirement for a one to one or one to many improved messaging component over and above the basic chat tab currently available and I’m sure it’s something the team are working on so what would be on your wish list for such a messaging component?
A few things I would like to see are:

  • One to one chat functionality
  • Look and feel of a proper messaging app
  • Ability to assign delete message ability
  • Ability to recognise when a new message is posted to be able to use this for visibility settings. E.g. Show ‘new message’ tab if new message added
  • Ability to get users to sign in to post messages if it’s a public app
  • Ability for users to post pictures as well as text

What would be on your wish list for such a component?


Apart from your suggestions, in apps where we have user-generated content, we can also have a “shared media” section so users can share the app’s content to the 1v1 chat and have them stored in a list view or something like that.


Auto archiving after so many days so that we can save rows and data limits

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That’s a beautiful wishlist. I hope it gets implemented soon!


Nice addition

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I hadn’t thought about that ! Nice idea

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This would be…fabulous

  • Date added
  • Number of days after date added to be archived
  • After number of days has elapsed delete record


  • Send an automated reminder that item is about to expire
  • Ask if they want to extend date of deletion
  • Provide ability to extend date
  • Send an automated message to advise item deleted


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Nice list :+1: