Chat Feature Requests

Trying to get away from Messenger and would love the following features to be included:

  1. Date/time stamp for comments
  2. “Tag” ability
  3. Private messages (previously requested by another member)
  4. If it’s beneficial to retain chat history… can the chat sequence be reversed where most recent comment or response is on top? … or if possible to post topic and comments under, wouldn’t be necessary.
  5. Chats by topic
  6. Ability to rename “Chat”
    … can think of more but the above future requests would be priorities for my pro apps. (Please move to “Feature Requests” if more appropriate.

Awesome! We plan to improve chat a lot in the coming months to make it a more complete experience.

  1. Yes. How would you like to access these?
  2. You mean, ability to mention people?
  3. Got it.
  4. Covered by other changes here.
  5. Yes.
  6. You can do this now in your Tab settings.
  1. Under or next to each comment would be ideal!
  2. Example… in Facebook you “tag” a “friend” in a topic, chat, post and it will show up in their “Notifications”
  3. Approximate release date or month?
  4. ok
  5. Excellent!
  6. Thanks!
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Not that I want everything (hah!) but please add videos (possible now?) and gifs in chat please :innocent: Huge benefit to be able to talk and not type in chat!


hi i would like to add to this .
1 - need an option to select all and delete the chats .

we are able to delete the chat sheet,
however , deleting the chat by selecting one by one and deleting is not very helpful.

if this above feature ,already exists, kindly share the details.

thanks in advance.

Have you done it this way, or are you saying you want a way to delete in one click instead of individually selecting the ones you want to delete?