Message "Max capacity reached"


While none of my sheets exceed 450 lines (I have totally deleted the lines), I have a banner on the top of my screen saying that I reached the maximum capacity.
This also appear when I share my app… not an extraordinary UX to test it…

Do you have any clue on how to have it deleted?

Hi @AyS_0908,

Have you published an app under the free plan by any chance? I believe the free plan gives you 500 rows of data across all worksheets (i.e. sheets) in your Google Sheets spreadsheet. Are you sure that you aren’t close to that limit or possibly haven’t exceeded it?


  • Delete worksheets you don’t need.
  • Delete all empty rows, even the ones that may appear empty.
  • Consider using the importrange() function or Sheetgo to import data from another spreadsheet and thereby reduce the rows of data in your current spreadsheet.
  • Consider upgrading to a Pro plan.
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Many thanks @nathanaelb, all is more clear now.

I indeed published apps under the free plan: do you know if we can UN-publish an app
(duplicate than delete?)

Thanks again

Duplicate then delete, but make sure you inform that with your users.

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You can change the url to something nobody would know. Doesn’t really matter is it’s published. You can always upgrade the same app to pro. It’s not locked into being free or pro.

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I agree with @Jeff_Hager: once an app is published you cannot unpublish it, however you can change its url.

Users that installed the app under the previous url will not have access anymore.

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