Message board/Chat integration?

I’d really like to build a chat and comments message board into my app and wondering if anyone has found an external product that could be used with Glide through web view. I wish I could just use Glide’s chat/comments components, but the fact that when you write a message it brings up a modal-style submission form that covers up the entire chat/comment view just doesn’t work. I’m building a community product and have to compete with many members of the community using off platform communication like FB groups and Discord. I’d like to help unify the community within the app, including their discourse, but I need a chat/comment board that comes close to the UX of most messaging products. Of course, the challenge is that I wouldn’t want them logging into something new inside the app after already logging into the app itself.


Ya…I hear you. I spent the better half of a week looking for something…no luck. Probably needs to be a platform that creates the user upon Glide onboarding via zapier/integromat (send email to platform to create user…send back platform user ID that’s used as a parameter in the webview link).

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Or… :wink:

I’ll be following this thread for new ideas. Have you tested Circle or Tribe by any chance? I’m currently trying to incorporate Mighty Networks with my app but via a basic link which would leave the app but the reason I decided to go with them for time being is their platform is the only one that actively promotes networking among their members, either by proximity or interests (which is a big value we’re betting on). They also allow a prominent link on their platform where it would link back to the Glide app so we’re also trying to design an experience that feels natural despite being on two platforms. And yes, there is a chat function there. Also, if you wanted to monetize your community, they’re set up for that and even offer classes on different pricing strategies. It’s not perfect plus I personally prefer Discourse or Reddit myself but it gets the job done for now.

This was the best option I could find


Most solutions I’ve seen out there just mimic the chat tab (a single chat room for all users). I need private group chats that get created via webhook (send rowID to platform > creates chat URL with that ID > adds users to that chat URL > URL can be embedded via webview component).


I saw this post before I saw your Blockchain post John, I knew from discord you were in Crypto :wink:

You might like this - allows you to embed your discord server. Not sure why I didn’t think of this first

Here’s how you can get it to look in Glide

Im not sure if direct messaging works

Edit; Best thing is it’s completely free!


This would be perfect but it is so bespoke that I’m sure it does not exist.

However… White Label Chat Platform for Website | AtomChat :thinking:

I might reach out and see if this is something they could build/offer

I appreciate this suggestion, @Harry_OBrien. Do you happen to have any screenshots of how it looks in glide once you’ve embedded it into an app?

actually…i realize i hate discord :weary:. this won’t be a good fit for me if I have to use it lol

I’ve tried it. It didn’t work well at all for my purposes. Very limited configuration.