Hi, I thinking about how to create an advanced ‘community’ space in my app. which would enable users to interact by ‘topic’ (a very simplified Slack-like aporoach with its #channels).

I tried to combine ‘chat’, ‘comments’, ‘likes’, ‘claps’ etc but the result is so so.
I’m wondering if someone has already integrated a tool like
It works with the webview component but displays only on half the screen on mobile

Thanks !

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You can try Google Groups as well for discussion / community space. I tried that in one of my Website (though not on GlideApp as of now.

I guess, Glide is not supporting IFRAME, else you would have got desired result.

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Need this too!!! Natively! :sweat_smile:

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i use circle and just open it in a webview - circle usually holds the login details too so is pretty handy.

Yes, I did it also.
UX is nice on a computer screen in fullscreen (pro subscription) but very poor on mobile (only half of the screen is displayed).