Merge 2 columns together

Hi, I wanted to merge these 2 columns into a new one still keeping the symbol at the end, but I don’t know how to do that, can anyone help me, please?

A template column should work

unfortunately, it gets rid of the symbols

Are you using the symbols as units in your number columns?

You can add those back in with the template column.

Why do you want to merge the two columns? It looks like only one of the columns is filled out at a time. Maybe us a If-else statement

yes, they are units in number columns.
but if I use a template column I won’t be able to use different symbols

Okay, so you’ll probably want to use the if-then-else approach that @Alexander_Rubino suggested.

Note that if-then-else will also strip out the units, so you’ll most likely need a separate if-then-else column to determine the appropriate symbol.

the numbers listed are prizes from a game, and they are in 2 different currencies.
I need to merge the columns to list the prize in a card view so, and replace the current “$” whit the correct symbol

Would you ever have candles and hearts in the same row, or is it always one or the other?

always one or the other

Okay, like this then:


thank you so much it worked! :candle::heart:

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